These Conditions of Use ("Conditions of Use" or "Conditions") contain the terms established for the access and use of the platform "boxes and motors" .com (hereinafter, the "platform" or simply "Web" CAJAS Y MOTORES ””) For all those users who decide to register in it (“Users” or “You”). By using or accessing the App / Web “cajas y motores”, you show your agreement and are bound to comply with these Terms of Use

CAJAS Y MOTORES. Cl. Finland esq.Italia.Polg Las Maromas. 03160 Almoradí (Alicante) Spain (We) the company / commerce responsible for the App / web and that provides the services of access and use of it.

The platform can be managed by us or by others as technology development companies.

Any person who accepts these Conditions of Use on behalf of legal persons or other entities guarantees that they have sufficient authority and representation so that these Conditions of Use are binding for them.

Channel = Account or Channel


General conditions

In general, you are obliged to use the platform with strict compliance with the applicable legislation, being the only one responsible for the use that you can give to the platform, for all content that you reproduce through the platform and for any consequence that It is derived from it.

We reserve the right to:

Remove any content that does not comply with these Conditions or any other applicable policy or that we consider inappropriate for any reason;

Delete or deactivate at any time the account of a User or any of the services associated with it.


You are responsible for the custody of the password you use to access the web "Cajas y Motores" .com and any activity or act that is carried out with your passwords, being expressly prohibited to communicate it to any third party or that Passwords are shared by several people at once.

We recommend that you protect your account with a password that is difficult to decipher (a password that contains combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) and that you change it periodically. Likewise, you will inform us, as soon as possible, of any loss or theft of your credentials that you may have knowledge of. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the breach of the aforementioned.

For these purposes, Users agree with us that the standard authentication system of the App / Web “Cajas y Motores” .com is a reliable means for the identification of Users for the purposes of the provisions of article 3.10 of the Law Electronic Signature and, therefore, all actions performed through such credentials will be attributable to Users.



You are responsible for all content published on the Web "Cajas y Motores" .com. We may not monitor or control the content reproduced through the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com and we accept no responsibility for it

It is your sole responsibility to use or trust that you may lend to any content or material reproduced through the Web “cajas y motores” .com or in any other way obtained through the Web " Cajas y Motores " .com.

We do not approve, support, express or guarantee that the content or communications made through the App / Web " Cajas y Motores " .com are complete, truthful, accurate or reliable, nor do we approve the opinions expressed through the App / Web " Cajas y Motores " .com.

You declare to understand that the use of Web “Cajas y Motores” .com could expose you to offensive, harmful, erroneous or inappropriate content.

Under no circumstances will we assume any responsibility for the content, including without limitation any error or omission in any content, or any damage or loss of any kind that has occurred as a result of the use of content that has been reproduced in the App / Web " Cajas y Motores " .com, or that has been sent, transmitted or made available through App / Web " .com.

In relation to any content or information published on the Web " Cajas y Motores " .com, the User understands and accepts that we act as mere providers of intermediation services in terms of third-party publications in Chat, walls and networks linked to our website, in accordance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and that we will only be responsible for said content or information to the extent that we have effective knowledge of its illegality and we have not removed the information or content with due diligence.Además:

The content that you send, respond, rate or reproduce or otherwise publish may be viewed by other Users, as provided in the Privacy Policy. When publishing content, it means that it allows us and Users, including the Host, to access and use such information and associate it with You.

You will continue to be the owner of any content that you publish on the web "Cajas y Motores" .com, including content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photographs and videos, although you specifically grant us the following permission:

• grants us a non-exclusive, transferable license, with global territorial scope and for the entire duration of intellectual property rights in accordance with current legislation, to use


• reproduce, transform, distribute and publicly communicate under any modality, both within the App / Web " Cajas y Motores " .com and in other media (web pages, media, etc.) any content published on the Web "boxes and engines ".com or in connection with Web" Cajas y Motores ".com.


In the event that you participate in a public or hidden channel, said license expressly includes the possibility that we may authorize the Host of the channel to publish the content and other third parties access and / or use of such content outside the Web " Cajas y Motores " .com in the terms that we agree with these.


User Commitments

The User assumes the following commitments for access or use of the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com:

Will not publish or send unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam, "spam") through Web "cajas y motores" .com.

You will not use Web “cajas y motores” .com for illegal, deceptive, malicious or fraudulent acts, nor will you publish harmful, denigrating, discriminatory, xenophobic, contrary to morality or in any way undermine the right to honor, privacy and your own image or any other fundamental right of people.

It gives its consent and grants all the necessary rights to allow Users to synchronize (even through an application) their devices with any content they can see on the Web “cajas y motores” .com.

It will not collect information or content from other Users using automatic means (such as harvestingbots, robots, spiders or scrapers) nor will it access the Web “cajas y motores” .com using such means without our prior permission.

You will not advertise or develop or use third-party applications to advertise, unless you decide to create a channel. In this case, the provisions of the Web channels “cajas y motores” .com.

It will not participate in illegal multilevel marketing, such as the pyramid-type Web “cajas y motores” .com nor offer participation in contests, gifts or bets (collectively, "promotion") or advertise them.

It will not upload viruses or malicious code of any kind or take any other action that could disable, overload or affect the correct operation or appearance and image of the Web “cajas y motores” .com, such as a denial of service attack or the alteration of the presentation of pages or other functionality of App / Web “cajas y motores” .com.

It will not facilitate or encourage the breach of these Terms of Use, our Application Privacy Policy or any other applicable policy.

It will not remove or otherwise remove those symbols or indications of reservation of intellectual property rights that are included in the web “cajas y motores” .com or any of its components.

Account security and registration

Web Users “cajas y motores” .com provide their real names and information and we need your help to keep it that way. These are some of the commitments you accept in relation to the registration and maintenance of your account security

It will not provide false personal information on the Web “cajas y motores” .com, nor will it create an account for others without their express written authorization.

You will not create more than one personal account, being initially identified by a single email account.

If we disable your account, you will not create another without our permission.

It will keep the contact information accurate and up to date.

You will not share your password, or let another person access your account, or do anything that could jeopardize the security of your account.

You will not transfer the account to anyone without our prior written consent.

We reserve the right to remove your username or identifier if we consider it appropriate (for example, if the owner of a trademark complains about a username that is closely related to that brand).

You will provide us with any information or documentation that we request in order to verify that you are providing real data and information. If you do not provide us with this documentation, we may deactivate or delete your account.

Protection of other people's rights

We respect the rights of other people and expect you to do the same. To these effects:

The User guarantees that he is the owner of the necessary rights in relation to any action that he carries out in the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com and, consequently, will not publish content or perform any action on the Web “cajas y motores” .com that infringes or violates intellectual property rights, industrial or any other that violate the law in any way.

You will not publish any information referred to other people without making sure before you have their consent for such publication, nor will it disturb, intimidate or harass any user.

We may remove any content or information published on the Web “cajas y motores” .com if we consider that it violates these Conditions.

We provide you with the necessary tools to help you protect your intellectual property rights. We offer you the possibility of denouncing the contents sent by other users if you consider it appropriate (see Section “Communication of activities or services of third parties of illicit and inappropriate character”).

If we withdraw its content due to an infringement of the copyright of another person and consider that it has been an error, it will have the possibility of appealing.

If you infringe another person's intellectual or industrial property rights, we will delete or deactivate your account.

You may not use our intellectual property rights or our registered trademarks or any brand that resembles ours or that otherwise may mislead or create confusion in other Users or third parties, unless you receive prior written consent from Web "Boxes and motors" .com.

Under no circumstances, publish the identification documents or financial information of anyone on the Web “cajas y motores” .com.

Special provisions applicable to software

You agree that you will not modify our source code or carry out derivative works with it, or compile or otherwise attempt to extract said source code, except if we give you our express written authorization or make it available to Users in a manner public through a free software license. Authorizations or licenses may refer to the entire software or be limited to parts of it.

Transfer of rights of use

Subject to these Conditions of Use, we assign to the User in a non-exclusive, non-transferable way and for the duration of our services, the right to use the “cajas y motores” .com Web and the services associated with it. (support, update, etc.).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, all intellectual and / or industrial property rights that may exist on the Web “cajas y motores” .com or any of its components, as well as on texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology and other content that we make available to the User, belong exclusively to us or have been previously assigned to us by their legitimate owners, without any of the aforementioned rights beyond the right of use recognized herein being understood as assigned to the User Clause.

The right to use the “boxes and motors” .com website is limited to accessing it remotely and via the Internet in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions of Use. Consequently, beyond the above mentioned right of use, The User is expressly forbidden the reproduction, distribution, public communication and / or transformation in any form of the Web “cajas y motores” .com, of any of its components or its contents.

All brands, names, domain names, anagrams or graphics identifying our products and services are our exclusive property without these Terms of Use conferring any right of use to the User.


Creation of channels / accounts in the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com

If you create a channel / account on the web “cajas y motores” .com, it shows its conformity and is obliged to comply with the Conditions of the web channels “cajas y motores” .com


You are obliged to keep us harmless for all possible damages, losses and expenses of any kind (reasonable legal costs and fees, etc.), including those produced by third party claims, arising from the breach by You of any of the obligations and responsibilities assumed under these Conditions of Use, including, among others, the violation of any applicable regulations and the violation of any type of third party rights, such as the right to data protection, intellectual property rights, etc. .

You are obliged to inform us immediately of any claim you receive in relation to us or with the access and use of the Web “cajas y motores” .com.

Warranty Exclusion

We try to keep App / Web “cajas y motores” .com in operation, without errors and insurance, but the User agrees to use the Web “cajas y motores” .com under his sole responsibility. Web "boxes and motors" .com is supplied as is, without any warranty expressed or implied, so, unless legally enforceable under applicable law, we do not offer guarantees on its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor do we guarantee that the access or use of the Web "boxes and motors" .com will not suffer any interruption or be completely free of errors, viruses or other harmful elements.

It is up to the User to have adequate tools for the prevention, detection and disinfection of computer programs, harmful or malicious software on the User's equipment that are connected to the App / Web "boxes and motors" .com.

We do not affirm or guarantee that the Web “boxes and motors” .com will always be free, so we reserve the right to demand the payment of a price for the access or use of the Web “boxes and motors” .com or of any of its functionalities, as long as we notify Users in advance.

In these cases, if the User does not accept the economic conditions, the services of access to the Web “cajas y motores” .com or to the corresponding functionalities will come to an end on the date that said economic conditions come into force, without deriving for the User the right to demand compensation of any kind.


App / Web “cajas y motores” .com is not responsible for the actions, content, information or data included or contributed by Users, the Host or other third parties on the Web “cajas y motores” .com or the use that is do for any of these of the Web “cajas y motores” .com and hereby exempts us, as well as our managers, employees and agents of any kind of claim, demand or damages arising from the use of the Web "boxes and engines ”.Com or in any way related to such use, as well as any third party claims.

Limitation of Liability

We will be responsible for all damages caused to the User that are a consequence of the fraudulent breach of our obligations. However, to the extent permitted by applicable law, we will in no case be liable to the User for indirect, immaterial damages, expenses, loss of data, loss of income, loss of income, benefits or goodwill, even if we have been notified of the possibility of such damage occurring.


Likewise, the compensation for damages, in case of non-compliance with any obligations assumed by us regarding damages caused by fault or negligence, will be limited by what in no case exceed the price paid by the User for the services that we We have lent it during the twelve months immediately prior to the breach caused by the responsibility or, if the service is provided free of charge, of 100 euros.

When the applicable legislation does not allow the exclusions or limitations of liability contained in the preceding paragraphs, the maximum limitation of liability allowed by said legislation will be applied to determine our responsibility towards the User.


We provide you with the following email addresses so you can contact us:

• For questions or comments related to our Terms of Use:

• To resolve technical issues related to the operation of the website “cajas y motores” .com:

• To resolve issues related to the opening and administration of channels / accounts:

Communication of activities or services of third parties of illicit and inappropriate character

In the event that the User or a third party is aware that any information or content published on the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com infringes any type of third party rights, or the contents are illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or contrary to morality, or in any other way violate these Conditions of Use, you may contact us indicating the following:

Personal data of the caller: name, address, telephone number and email address.

The data will be treated with the sole purpose of managing your request and will be incorporated into a file of our responsibility with the sole purpose of attending to your request. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. The omission of any of these data may mean that your request is not answered without prejudice to the voluntary inquiries that we would like to make.

Description of the facts that reveal the illicit or inappropriate character.

In the case of violation of rights, such as intellectual and industrial property or any others whose existence could not be deduced by us, the personal data of the owner of the infringed right must be indicated when he is a person other than the caller, as well as the representation document for act on behalf of the holder when he is a person other than the caller.

Additionally, in these cases, documentation proving the existence of the injured title or legal asset must be provided.

Express declaration that the information contained in the claim is accurate.

The receipt by us of the communication provided in this clause will not necessarily imply effective knowledge of the illegality of the activities and / or contents indicated by the caller for the purposes of the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Information Society Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to permanently withdraw or protect the reported contents while investigating or requesting more information in relation to the alleged rights of violated third parties.

Deletion and deactivation of user accounts

If a User wants to stop using his account, he can request its removal:

When an account is deleted, it is permanently canceled. The maximum period to delete an account is 10 days. You should only delete your account if you are sure you will never want to activate it again.

Some of the saved information is necessary to be able to offer you our services, so we only cancel it once you have deleted your account.

Some things you do on the Web “cajas y motores” .com are not saved in your account, such as the answers you have sent to certain questions, your participation in events responding and valuing responses from other users or sending messages and photos / Videos, invoices and orders.

This information is not deleted when the account is deleted. For example, the application may retain messages and content that you have sent and these will remain visible to other Users even after you have deleted your account.

Other information of a fiscal nature will be kept within the period required by law to maintain such information for tax purposes, tracking traceability of medical devices, etc ...

The deletion of your account does not involve the deletion of the information, and it can be kept properly blocked for the attention of the possible responsibilities born of the treatment, during the period of prescription of these, in accordance with the legislation on data protection. For example, we will keep your information in cases described in the section “Respond to legal requirements and avoid damages” of the Privacy Policy.


The services offered through the Web “cajas y motores” .com are constantly evolving, so we reserve the right to expand, modify or reduce the functionality of Web “cajas y motores” .com at any time.

When the evolution of these services requires the incorporation of changes in these Conditions of Use or if for any other reason we modify them, we will notify you by publishing them on our website, including messages on the Web “cajas y motores” .com or through email according to the circumstances, and we will require your express acceptance or we will grant you a specific deadline for you to oppose the new conditions. In case you do not accept the new Conditions, the “boxes and motors” .com web service will end at that precise moment.

In another case, the proposed modification will be deemed accepted once the aforementioned period has elapsed.


If Users violate the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use, or otherwise cause risks to us or to the Web “cajas y motores” .com or cause us to be legally exposed, we may stop providing all or part of Web "boxes and motors" .com. We will notify you by email or through a message that will be displayed the next time you try to access your account.

We may also terminate the “boxes and motors” .com Web service at any time without the breaches referred to in the preceding paragraph, notifying with a reasonable period of time as far as possible.

Users can also terminate the service requesting the deletion of their account.


The terms "information" and "content" refer to any information about you, including the actions performed by Users, and / or everything that you or other Users publish on the Web “cajas y motores” .com.

The term "publish" means to publish “cajas y motores” .com on the Web or to provide content otherwise through “cajas y motores”.

The term "channel" refers to a space created within the Web “cajas y motores” .com managed by the Host or us to dialogue with the Users participating in the channel.


These Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Application, together with any document referred to expressly in these, constitute the entire agreement between us and the Users in relation to Web “cajas y motores” .com and replace any prior agreement

If any part of these Terms of Use were void or voidable, the remaining part will continue to have full validity and effect.

If we do not exercise any right or action that assists us in accordance with these Conditions, this circumstance cannot be construed as a waiver of them.

We will not be liable to the User for the breach or delay in the fulfillment of any of the obligations we assume under these Conditions of Use, which had its cause in any case of force majeure or fortuitous event.

The User will not transfer any of their rights or obligations under these Terms of Use to any third party without our consent.

We may transfer all or part of our rights and obligations to third parties.

Nothing in these Terms of Use should be interpreted in such a way that prevents us from complying with applicable law.

We reserve all rights that we have not expressly granted.

The Law applicable to these Conditions will be the Spanish Law without prejudice to the cases in which the laws of other States could be applied imperatively.

Conditions of the channels / App / web accounts “cajas y motores” .com

Any User can create their own channels / account on App / Web “cajas y motores” .com to dialogue with groups of Users on the wall, chat or other functions that we make available to the user. These Conditions of the App “boxes and motors” .com channels, our Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy apply to all channels created in App “cajas y motores” .com.

When you create a channel you become the Host of it and will be solely responsible for ensuring that your channel complies with the applicable legislation and with the aforementioned documents.

Likewise, the Host must ensure that the activities carried out by the Users of the channel are in accordance with the applicable legislation and our Conditions of Use, and must communicate in the shortest possible time those behaviors of the Users of the channel that are contrary in order that the necessary measures can be taken

The Host may not include conditions in the channel that contravene these Conditions of the App / Web channels “cajas y motores” .com, our Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy or the applicable legislation.

In the event that the app / web offers thematic services in the future or present based on Channels:

Name or theme of the cannel

The name or theme of the channel may only be associated with brands, commercial names or other rights of which the Host is its legitimate owner, or said rights have been assigned to the Host by its legitimate owner with the necessary scope, or when its Use does not violate the rights of third parties in accordance with applicable regulations.

In the case of a third party's claim for the unauthorized use of trademarks or commercial names on which they claim to have rights, we may require the Host to provide the documents that justify the existence of sufficient rights for the use of the distinctive signs to which they are The channel is associated. In the event that no supporting documentation is provided or does not legitimize the use of the sign, we may request the Host to change the name or theme of the channel or terminate the service.

Channels / accounts aimed at adults

The Host must include warnings and verifications that are appropriate to comply with the applicable legislation, in those channels whose subject matter or content is directed exclusively to persons over 18 years of age or whose access is legally reserved for those over that age.

Advertising, offers, contests or promotional games on the channels

The Host may advertise on the channel or offer participation in contests, games or promotional offers related to its products and services, as long as it complies with the applicable legislation.

The Host will not advertise third parties on the channel, nor offer participation in contests, games or promotional offers related to third parties.

Personal data of the Users of the channel / account

The Host will process the personal data of the Users of the channel that have been made available to us or that in any other way know as a consequence of the administration of the respecting the Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation.

If the Host collects information from the Channel Users, they must obtain their prior consent, clearly warn them that it is the Host (and not us) who collects the information, publish a privacy policy that explains what data they collect and how they will use them and comply with the remaining obligations provided in the data protection regulations.

Use of content published by Channel Users

We own all the content and information published by Users in the channel managed by the Host ("User Content"), without prejudice to the rights that said Users may hold over said Content.

However, we grant the Host to configure their channel as public or hidden a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to publish the User Content on media other than the App / Web “cajas y motores” .com (web pages, media communication, etc.) and subject to compliance by the Host of the following conditions unless, by prior written agreement with us, different ones are established: 

(i) the integrity of the User Content must be maintained, not being able to alter their content in any way;

(ii) the denomination “Web“ boxes and motors ”.com” and / or our logos will be used to identify the source of the User Content, without modifying them in any case;

(iii) the User Content will not be used for profit, it is expressly forbidden for the Host to obtain any kind of remuneration for the use of said content;

(iv) User Content may not be incorporated into advertisements;

(v) the Host will request the Channel Users any authorization that may be necessary in accordance with applicable legislation; Y

(vi) the remaining obligations contained in the Conditions of Use must be respected.


Outside the previously granted license, the Host must refrain from reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying in any way the User Content.

Widget de App/Web “cajas y motores”.com

The App / Web Widget “cajas y motores” .com allows the Host to show the conversation or certain questions of his channel on his own website or blog. In the creation, use and visualization of the App / Web Widget “cajas y motores” .com, you agree to comply with the following guidelines:

• Maintain the features and functionalities of the “cajas y motores” .com Web and the “cajas y motores” .com Widget


• Do not interfere with, modify or disable any features or functionality of Web “cajas y motores” .com or the Web Widget “cajas y motores” .com, by altering your code or in any other way.


• Do not alter or modify in any way the image, appearance, text, color or any other element, graphic or non-graphic, Web content “cajas y motores” .com or the Web widget “cajas y motores” .com .


• The integrity of the User Content must be maintained, not being able to alter their content in any way.


• Your advertisements may not resemble conversations or "box and engine" .com questions or in any other way confuse users. If you include advertising on your website or blog, there should be a clear separation between the content of the Widget and your ads (eg banners, etc.).

Channel / Account Closure

If you delete a channel / account or for any reason we disable it, access to the channel will be blocked for both the HOST and the Users of the channel, so that it will no longer be accessible through the Web “boxes and engines ”.com.


(Last revision on October 25, 2019)